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anello กระเป๋าเป้สะพายหลัง รุ่น PREMIUM MOUTHPIECE REGULAR BACKPACK | anello กระเป๋าหนัง | กระเป๋า anello (อเนลโล่)

กระเป๋าเป้ ของคนรักสัตว์ รักษ์โลก

สวยเป๊ะได้ง่ายๆ ไม่ทำร้ายสัตว์ แถมรักโลก กระเป๋าเป้ anello (อเนลโล่) รุ่น ANELLO PREMIUM MOUTHPIECE REGULAR BACKPACK เพราะผลิตจากวัสดุ หนังผ้าโพลียูรีเทนหนังแท้จากใยสังเคราะห์ ซึ่งมีลักษณะลวดลายคล้ายหนังแท้มาก…

anello® was established back in 2005, having the name of our brand derived from an Italian terminology with the definition of “annual ring”, also known as the “tree ring”. Hence, the design of each item drew direct inspiration from tiny detail such as intricate patterns or prints in order to create design which stood out. As a result, our unique bag comes in a variety of shape, size, and material to suit every kind of lifestyle and day-today activities. We currently have fans worldwide who love of our creation, and we intend to grow as a global brand specializing in bags. We are passionate in developing better ideas each year, similar to the concept of a growing tree: the longer the age, the better its lifespan. There by, our goal is to “design versatile items which are made for everyone and perfect any occasion”.  Our goal is to never stop in our quest of scouring for the most unique, yet high-quality and minimal bag style to keep your wardrobe looking as stylish as ever. Whether you like to keep one step ahead of the trends, or if subtle style is more your thing, we’re sure we’ve definitely got something you’ll love. Every bag you’ll discover on anello is sure to be one-of-a-kind because our products are designed to be functional and edgy. We also have limited edition bags for you to explore such as the all-black pack back and local artist collaborations such as the anello x mamuang collection.

We intend to continue stocking our website with new bag additions to fulfill our intention of growing each year– we’re always open to new ideas, fashion trends, and hope that you’ll keep an eye for our new savvy collections. And to ensure the most pleasant shopping experience, anello only produce high-quality genuine items for you to rest assured when it comes to authenticity. If you have found a product you adore and decide to make a purchase, we have free delivery service to your door. To make things even more convenient, anello also offers cash-on-delivery. In terms of safe and secure payment process, you can pay through our internet banking service for a speedy transaction where both debit and credit card are accepted. Moreover, to guarantee the satisfaction of every single customer, we include a 14-days free return policy. If you’re still not convinced, need assistance, or have an inquiry regarding any product on our website, feel free to reach anello’s customer service support. You can either contact us by email at customer@anello.co.th or give us a call at 02-365-6179 during workdays (monday - friday) from 9.00 am – 6.00 pm. Better yet, be sure to keep up with our social media platforms by giving a thumbs up on our facebook page: anellothailandofficial and follow us on instagram: anellothailand so you don’t miss out on hot ideals and new fashion collections. Plus if you want to be the first one to receive our newsletter, don’t forget to subscribe our email list by signing up below.